I hope you will love this one as much as I do


Sooo, like two months ago I promised myself that, whenever I went outside, I’d bring my beloved 5-year-old GF1 camera with me (“I’m going to take photos all the time”, I said to myself). I can’t show you pictures of the moment I broke my oath because, of course, my beloved 5-year-old GF1 camera stayed at home the whole time, unaware of my betrayal.

A couple of days ago, however, after successfully bringing my photographic device to some places and making click click click several times, I decided to give it another try.

I also created a photo diary, because I like failing bigger every time.

I hope you like it.

My first audio post

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my first chat

  • Me: this is a text
  • Tumblr: you mean test, right?
  • Me: hell yeah

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